Diet and Lifestyle


You have heard many times before that “you are what you eat”. The Chinese believe this as well. They observed thousands of years ago that what you take in from the external environment can effect the state of your internal environment. Thus, food is seen as medicine. As part of your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment plan, we will discuss foods that will support the healing of your condition and ones that may be getting in the way. We will also discuss vitamins and other supplements that may support you on your journey to health.


Many of us lead hectic, frenetic lifestyles which can contribute to patterns of disharmony in our bodies. Eventually the repetition of such patterns may lead to physical symptoms of discord and disease. One of the tenets of TCM is to look at the whole person, the internal and external environments which may be creating the physical symptoms. How we live our lives and deal with stress has a major affect on our bodies and its ability to heal. We may suggest adding yoga, tai qi, qi gong, or meditation to your weekly routine, as these practices support the healing process.

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