Nov 8, 2013

Welcome to Fall

It is officially Fall here in Seattle. With the blustery weather we’ve been having; Summer seems like a distant memory. The days are getting longer and darker. And if you look around you, you will notice that nature is energetically letting go and beginning its move inward.

In Chinese Medicine METAL is the energy of Fall; it gives us our sense of quality and value, and our capacity to look at what lies beyond ourselves. It gives us the power to let go. Look at nature as an example; having provided the harvest it lets go of its abundant creation of the past year in a grand final display.

Nature can instruct us about our own cycles of creating and letting go. Many of us defy nature’s cycle and hold onto what we've produced or collected; yet the trees in autumn don't hold onto their leaves because they might need them next year. They let go of them and send energy to their roots in order to build a strong foundation for the next harvest. This is not easy for us humans to achieve…letting go of that which we have worked to create is difficult for us! So this season, more than any other, try to let go of those decaying leaves and that which is old and stale so that you can be receptive to the pure and new when Spring arrives.

The METAL element within us gives our sense of self-worth. Each of us is a miracle of creation, and each of us has a unique and priceless contribution to make. Yet when our Metal energy is imbalanced, we have difficulty sensing our value. Thus, we then compensate by seeking things outside of ourselves that we think will add to our worth: status, money, power, - none of them bad or wrong of themselves, although our pursuit of them can be a symptom. The problem is that once we have acquired these things we often remain strangely unfulfilled. People who have an imbalance in metal seek respect, quality, and recognition from the outside because they feel the lack of worth within. It is especially those who struggle with a metal imbalance who need to strive to let go and let the season of Fall return us to our essence, moves us to eliminate what we no longer need, and reveal again what is most precious in our lives.

 Here are some ideas on how to stay in tune with the energy of the season:

  • Why wait until spring?! Go through your home and let go of what no longer serves you…donate it, put it on ebay… just let go of it so you can start fresh in the Spring.
  • Take time to mentally take stock of your feelings and attitudes…are your feelings/attitudes in tune with your life’s purpose?
  • Ask yourself some poignant questions. What do I no longer need and what can I let go of? Do I have any unresolved emotions that I need to release? What is important to me that helps create/define my feelings of self worth?
  • Take long walks to fill your lungs with clean, cool autumn air. In Chinese Medicine this is known as “taking in the pure Qi”. It energizes us and keeps our Qi circulating.
  • Come see your friendly acupuncturist who can help strengthen your Metal element and assist you in letting go of what no longer serves you, so that you can be the BEST you!