Feb 28, 2014

Winter Woes

Winter brings with it the dreaded cold and flu season. Many of you have probably already witnessed and /or fallen prey to the nasty bugs circulating this season. Patients often ask me; “Can I still come to acupuncture if I’m sick?” The answer is “YES; if you don’t mind being poked when you are not feeling well of course!”

 What you may not know is that acupuncture can

  • help lessen the symptoms of a cold/flu
  • shorten the cycle of the illness
  • prevent future colds/flu by supporting the immune system
  • treat bacterial as well as viral infections (like the common cold)

Using acupuncture and Chinese herbs we can treat symptoms such as chills, congestion, sore throat, fever, headaches, cough, low energy, digestive upset etc. in a safe, natural way. Coming to acupuncture may help you avoid the use of antibiotics and their side affects. Or if you do choose to take antibiotics, then acupuncture and Chinese herbs will not interfere with Western medical treatment. On the contrary, it provides a welcome complement as it can help shorten the recovery time.

So the next time you or your loved one isn’t feeling well, or you just want to be proactive in strengthening your immune system, then think of your local acupuncturist. I look forward to supporting you in a safe, natural and effective way!