Nov 5, 2014

Does your immune system need a boost?

Welcome to Fall Seattle!! We have had such a gorgeous Fall so far!

But now the weather has turned and it’s that time of year when our immune systems need a boost or else we are hit with head colds, the flu, asthma and allergies. In Chinese Medicine we attribute two paired organs to each season. Fall is the season of the Lungs and Large Intestine. The Lung is yin and the Large Intestine is Yang and they work together to keep the body in balance and free of illness. The Lung is responsible for taking in the new..the clean, crisp fall air that fills us with oxygen allowing us to think clearly and function optimally. The Large Intestine is responsible for letting go of the waste (both emotional and physical). As the last stage in digestion, it helps rid our bodies of that which no longer serves us. When the Qi of the Lungs or Large Intestine get stuck then illness occurs (asthma, colds, bronchitis skin issues etc.). By invigorating the Lung Qi and moving the Large Intestine Qi we are able to strengthen our immune systems and rid ourselves of disease. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are a great way to move the Qi of the Lungs and Large Intestines to either prevent illness or to move through an illness to health more quickly.

I see many adults at my practice for this reason, but did you know that I see children too? Children can also benefit from the natural healing modalities of acupuncture and Chinese herbs! Their immune systems could use some invigorating too! Many kids get frequent colds/flu, and in the last 10 years many more are suffering from allergies, skin issues and asthma. Acupuncture is a natural and effective way to fortify a child’s immune system so as to prevent colds, flu, allergies, eczema and asthma and Fall is a great time to start treatment!

Pediatric acupuncture is very different from the style of acupuncture typically used on adults. The most effective kind of pediatric acupuncture, that I have found, is a style known as Shonishin (sho=little, ni=children, shin=needle). This is a type of treatment that was developed over 400 years ago in Japan. It is a form of bodywork that utilizes specialized Shonishin tools to balance a child’s energy and stimulate acupuncture points. In most cases, there is no need to insert a needle at all, because children are so full of energy they react very quickly to the stimulus in a very positive way. The children that I treat with Shonishin are ages newborn to ten years of age (children older then 10 usually need small needles). Since this is non-invasive and non-threatening to the child, they often enjoy their treatments and look forward to future visits. Other treatment modalities used with children include Tui na massage, cupping, moxibustion, herbal therapy and diet/lifestyle advice. Treating children with these natural therapies can not only benefit their health today, but also build a strong foundation for their future health and well-being.


So this Fall, bring the whole family in to strengthen your immune systems and give yourselves the gift of health! You will be glad you did!!