Feb 27, 2015

Gun Hei Fat Choy!

Gun Hei Fat Choi!! Happy Year of the Sheep!

2014 was the year of the Yang Wood Horse. Last year was known as a year filled with Yang energy. Yang is the energy of action, transformation and outward movement. As the galloping horse begins to fade, the energy of the Yin Wood Sheep will take its place.

Beginning on February 19th, 2015, the energy is going to shift from outward to a more inward state as the energy moves from Yang into Yin. Yin energy is very creative, intuitive and gentle. Instead of everything moving fast and abruptly like yang energy, yin energy gives us time to focus, get centered and take stock over what we have created so far.

The Sheep is an animal which represents the energy of generosity, patience and peacefulness. The goal of the sheep is to create harmony and beauty within the home and family, and is often considered to be the most feminine of all the Chinese zodiac animals. The sheep, like the horse, is extremely intuitive, but the only difference is the sheep is a lot more emotional and has more awareness to heal, nurture and tend to issues that are causing suffering.

The sheep will also guide us to tune into our intuition and emotional well-being while still being receptive to the emotions of others. She asks that we use our mind and heart to make decisions, rather than force and aggression. This year will be about knowing yourself clearly and deeply, forgiving yourself, clearing past wounds and accepting who you are. It will be a year which reminds us that home is where the heart is, and that loving yourself, feeling safe and surrounding yourself with a loving group of friends and family is paramount to your life’s work. It is the sheep’s desire that we go within, pay attention to the small things and to nurture others and ourselves.

It is true that in nurturing yourself you can better take care of others. Chinese medicine is able to help you nurture your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. In Chinese Medicine, disease is present when there is an imbalance between the yin and yang energy. Too much Yang and thus not enough yin can lead to issues such as migraines, anxiety, fertility struggles and high blood pressure. Too much yin and not enough yang can lead to digestive complaints, insomnia, depression, and arthritic pain. Let acupuncture and Chinese herbs help to balance your yin and yang this year and keep you healthy, happy and at peace!